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Crystal ball history


a celtic origin

The origin of the crystal ball takes place in britain, 2000 BC. At that time, celtic tribes were unified by Druids. Druids were polytheist and revered nature. They had a very important role in these ancient celtic societies, as they were both priests, philosophers, scientists, teachers, judges and counsellors to the kings. Druids may have been the first people to use crystals in divination.

druid council
Group of Arch-Druid and Druids

in the middle ages

In the middle ages, many diviners and fortune tellers (seers, wizards, gypsies, sorcerers…) started to use crystals to see in the past and predict future, especially in Central Europe. At first, crystal balls were made of beryl, a naturally transparent gemstone. According to ancient beliefs, this gemstone was supposed to have specific powers. Later, beryl was replaced by rock crystal which is even more reflective and transluscent.
beryl scrying
A piece of beryl

Royal counsellors

A long time after druids, crystal balls were still used by royal councellors. Dr john Dee (1527-1608), Queen Elisabeth I consultant, was known for his use of the crystal ball in his works. Dr John Dee was a scientist, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, but was also involved in hermetic philosophy and alchemy studies. Dee believed crystal would act as a communication device between him and angels.

John Dee
Dr john Dee


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